STAVIS comp s.r.o.

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Company STAVIS comp s.r.o. was established on 19.9.2009 from the successful company SLÍŽSTAV s.r.o. which was established in year 21.5.2001 on the base of §§ 57, 105 about the registration by the company state register.

    Our company is doing:

  • Civil works
  • Earth works
  • Hardenes areas
  • Roads
  • Outside sewage and water mains
  • Brick works (incl. Ceramic tiles, PVC, carpets etc.)
  • Insulation works (hydro insulations, thermal insulations)
  • Plasterboards
  • Painting works
  • Construction of the family houses
  • Construction of the office buildings
  • Reconstruction of the old buildings
  • Construction of the buildings for sports
  • Works with wood
  • Scaffolding, crane etc.
  • Flashing works
  • Vice works
  • Thermal insulation of the existing facades